The Future of Publishing?


Wired has an interesting Bet Running between Jason Epstein and Vint Cerf, here\'s the bet:

By 2010, more than 50 percent of books sold worldwide will be printed on demand at the point of sale in the form of library-quality paperbacks.
The Stake: $1,000
Jason says yes, and vint says no.

\"Nothing is as inexpensive, easy to carry around, and indestructible as a physical book. And readers don\'t want to have texts augmented with sound and pictures and all sorts of other things; you\'re supposed to imagine all that when you read - that\'s what the writer\'s there for. Plus, habits don\'t change that quickly. If you\'re in business, you have to approach the market as it is, rather than as it might be, or should be, or will be someday.\"

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