What do you call a woman who has a black belt in karate?


MSNBC has an interseting write up on a librarian from OK.

“I knew what I wanted to do when I graduated from Braggs High School,” Donelson said. “At Braggs, our library was a tiny little room and I’d already gone through all the books before I graduated. We had our 30th reunion recently, and no one was surprised at what I went into. The karate part is what they found a little difficult to believe. I didn’t know if I was in the right class. They were all talking grandchildren and I was talking about my karate class.”

onelson admits she may be driven to do things in just the right way.
“I’ve never been bored,” she said. “Spring break there are no kids (in the
library), and I can go through and get things organized. A friend who is a
retired psychologist told me I was compulsive, that I was in the right
profession. Someone came to my house and said they could tell I was a
librarian because all my books were in order.”
Attention to detail comes in handy in another of the skills she uses

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