Search engine on your computer


Kenjin was launched officially this week. They claim \"Autonomy Kenjin is the first Internet information service that delivers the right information to you exactly when you need it – no matter where it happens to be. From the Web, from your hard drive or from people who know.\"It works like a search engine, but the program is on your computer. They make it sound like it\'ll kill off Yahoo. I\'ll be downloading and trying it soon.



  • Links to related content automatically appear when text is read or typed within any Windows application (Word, WWW, Emails, Excel, PowerPoint...)
  • Suggests at regular intervals, or when hot key is pressed.
  • Users can choose content sources -- web, news sites, PC hard drive or other users of the service
  • Uses full conceptual context of active task or document rather than simply keywords, to ensure the most robust and accurate related content is suggested

User Interface

  • Can appear as suggested links become available
  • Double-click on link and it automatically opens in the source application
  • Can sit on top of all other applications or appear as a toolbar docked to the top or bottom of the screen

Other Features

  • Targeted advertisements shown while suggesting links
  • Optionally add yourself to the online community of Web users
  • Automatically detects addresses, companies and countries in text and can open the relevant map (US/UK/Germany and Italy all currently supported) or company-related information with the click of a mouse
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