Paper as Portal


I\'m not sure what to make of this. It scares me, and at the same time, it could be used for good, more than evil.

\"Digimarc, a company previously involved with watermarking technologies, has developed an extremely intriguing application for the PC camera which enables direct print-to-web advertising. The technology, dubbed MediaBridge, incorporates the PC camera, the Internet and print media into one streamlined advertising process. ... the MediaBridge technology is an important example of how PC cameras can be used outside of the traditional video mail, web posting and videoconferencing applications.\"

This allows you to put ads into a book that appear on a computer screen, \"Paper as Portal\" they call it.Check it out and let us know what you think!Digimarc is currently developing a fundamentally new way to access and use the Internet by embedding imperceptible digital data in traditional and digital media. This includes printed materials such as magazine advertisements, articles, covers and subscription cards; direct mailers; packaging; debit and credit cards; greeting cards; coupons; catalogues; tickets; business cards; and digital content such as video, images and other creative properties in digital form. The embedded data creates a bridge between these materials and the Internet, permitting users to link directly to relevant Web destinations without any typing or mouse clicks. Our technology gives digital capabilities to physical media allowing new forms of interaction with the digital world and enhancing publishing, advertising and electronic commerce.

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