Anti-porn software company ends lawsuit


The guys who wrote the CP Hack program that showed how to bypass Cyber Patrol, the \"cphack\" program also discloses the list of sites the product blocks users from viewing.

Earlier this month, the company sued and Judge Edward Harrington issued a preliminary court order ordering a halt to the distribution of the program.

The judge also blocked distribution of the software by \"those persons in active concert or participation with them.\" Microsystems lawyers said the order extended to any Web sites that \"mirrored\" -- or made copies available -- of the \"cphack\" software.

So what will happen with the program? It was originally released under the GPL, so technically it should be alive and well.
Slashdot of course ran a story on this, they aren\'t really sure who won either. They also have the Press Release from the ACLU when they got involved Here.If this story interests you, also be sure to check out peacefire.orgYou can read about the GPL and what that\'s about at the
GNU Free Documentation License

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