School bans Harry Potter


THe BBC is carrying a story on A primary school in England that is banning pupils from reading the best-selling Harry Potter children\'s books because she says they go against the Bible\'s teachings.

\"As a head teacher I have a responsibility to ensure that we give the children the best that we possibly can.

\"We are a Church of England aided primary school which means the church ethos is very important to what we do,\" she said.
\"The Bible is very clear and consistent in its teachings that wizards, devils and demons exist and are very real, powerful and dangerous, and God\'s people are told to have nothing to do with them.

\"It is not just books by one author, but a range of books, videos and TV programmes that portray witches and wizards as fantasy, imaginary, fun and harmless, but that\'s not what the Bible says.\"

Mrs Rookwood admitted the school owned sets of Harry Potter books, but said the governors, staff and herself had agreed they were not the sort of books they wanted to make freely available to their pupils.

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