Parents who protested book pull kids from school


This is a follow up to This Story on an ugly battle to ban the book \"My Brother Sam is Dead\" in an Oregon Elementary School. The parents have now decided to pull their children from the school.

``We have lost all faith in the public schools,\'\' Kelly Dunn said. ``Look what they can assign without our knowledge.\'\'

Read the full story at The Register GaurdEach has filed a formal complaint with the school district - which means that the school board, not district administrators, will have the final say on the book.

The veteran teacher involved in the controversy said Monday that the district was wrong to pull the book, and she hopes it will be reinstated.

``I don\'t want kids to think war is neat and wonderful and `Oh, hooray, we won!\' \" said Roma Roderick, who has been an elementary school teacher for 30 years, including 16 years at Page. \"They need to know that war is bad.\"

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