Judge OKs deep hyperlinking


The USAToday has this story on a ruling in an important case involving the bility to link to other sites.

\"U.S. District Judge Harry Hupp said hyperlinking was not illegal as long as consumers understand whose site they are on and that one company has not simply duplicated another\'s page.

While companies may benefit by more customers using their service, hyperlinking to deep pages allows users to bypass the \'\'front page\'\' area that contains advertising Web companies rely on for revenue.

\'\'If we spend substantial money to build up a site, why should they be able to take that and build their business on the backs of our hard work?\'\' Ticketmaster attorney Robert Platt argued.

Officials with Ticketmaster.com, a unit of tickets leader Ticketmaster Online-CitySearch in Pasadena, hoped the lawsuit against Costa Mesa-based Tickets.com would protect its site from such unauthorized incursions.

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