Giuliani\'s Mayoral Papers Private Status Contested.

    Some of public
servant Giuliani\'s mayoral papers are being declared \'private.
\' NY
State\'s Committee
on Open Government
director, Robert Freeman, believes this isn\'t
in accordance with NY\'s Freedom Of Information Law.  \"No document
or record that had been or is now maintained by any agency of City government
may in my opinion be characterized as \'private\' or \'belonging to\' the former
mayor or any other person,\" director Freeman explains in an advisory opinion
written in response to an AP request.  \"Giuliani
Records Deal Questioned.
\" -By Diego Ibarguen -AP via -FindLaw 2002/02/28
, however may foil NY\'s FOIL.
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- The Director of the \"Gotham Center for New York City History,\" Mike Wallace,
has an e-petition, \"Petition
to Keep Former Mayor Giuliani\'s Official Papers Public
,\" available
to be \'e-signed\' for those that endorse the New York Times Editorial, \"City
Papers Belong to the Public\" (20020126),
reproduced at the e-petition\'s page. 

Editorial -
\"City Papers Belong to
the Public.
\" ... \"The idea of a high elected official controlling his
own documents troubles many historians, archivists and journalists, harking
back to the days when Richard Nixon left the White House with truckloads
of papers and tapes.\" ... \"Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who has defended the
contract, must rethink his position. The mayor has the right to cancel
the agreement within 90 days. He should do so unless Mr. Giuliani is willing
to renegotiate.\" -NYTimes

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