Need a bookmobile? Sell fake pigs!

Brian Smith sent in this link which has a story on local fundraising efforts.
Peoria Public Library is selling fiberglas swine to local businesses, for the purpose of raising funds for a new bookmobile. Pigs will be decorated and displayed, a la the \"Cows on Parade\" in Chicago last year.

The 5-foot-long fiberglass replicas due Friday are destined for artistic expression as part of a Peoria Public Library fund-raiser for a new bookmobile. Under the Peoria Is Great (PIG) program, Friends of the Library have sold 16 of the porkers at $500 a pop to local businesses or organizations.

The buyers have engaged artists to thematically decorate the pigs, which will be displayed early next month at the offices of sponsors before being offered for sale.
Meanwhile, a similar fund- raiser would utilize some of the city\'s stockpile of scrapped GP Transit benches, but the offbeat plan needs City Council approval.

A new not-for-profit group, Arts Partners of Central Illinois Inc., tonight will ask the council to donate between 50 and 100 of the billboard-style benches that once sported leased advertisements across Peoria and Peoria Heights. The benches were yanked by the city last year after GP Transit decided to purchase lower-profile seats for riders.

No buyers came forward in a recent bid request, but Arts Partners board president Rebekah Bourland has pitched \"The Beautiful Bench Project.\"

Sponsors would pay the group $250 for a bench, then hire an artist to transform it. The works would be displayed along the riverfront this summer, then auctioned off.

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