Of Our Cataloging Terminologies


Loretta writes: \"Most libraries divide up their collections using these two general names, \"fiction\" and \"non-fiction.\" However, we are perpetuating a mistake when we send patrons to \"non-fiction\" to retrieve Shakespeare and folktales and myths. No wonder people have trouble distinguishing the differences between the two categories.

Now I know that Dewey had classifications for fiction and biographies, but that most libraries have segregated these two collections, in addition to other choices individually made.
But can\'t we come up with terminology that more correctly describes that section of our libraries?
I find it hard to believe that there aren\'t other librarians bothered by this, I mean we certainly can spend hours ad nauseum discussing the finer points of cataloging decisions.\"

I\'ll also add, many of the same types of user UN-friendly things happen on most library websites.

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