Girls talking in library push student over edge


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Self enforcement

Sucks to be library staff but in these circumstances a student troubled by talking should be able to get a library staff member to enforce quiet. Assuming that this is truly a quiet study area.

The fact that this took place

The fact that this took place in a library does not mean that you are obligated to repost it here. The video is bullying and unethical. You are complicit.

Oh please

Whatever. I think the video shows that the girls at the table are in the wrong and the asian student is just responding to other students that are being inconsiderate.

Bullying and unethical is on the other side

The girls at the table are bullying and unethical. "There are like 50 of us and only one of you." So that makes it right? It's OK to be rude and selfish, just because there are more of us being rude and selfish than there are of you standing up to say rudeness is a problem?

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