Michael Moore On Tour


Michael Moore is hitting the road in support of Stupid White Men:

On Tuesday, populist filmmaker-writer Michael Moore will start out on a 13-city book tour that almost never happened - for a book that was nearly shredded.

The saga of \"Stupid White Men\" (HarperCollins), Moore\'s book lampooning President George W. Bush as well as much of Establishment America, is one of a major U.S. publisher flirting with self-censorship in the wake of Sept. 11.
\"They wanted me to pay for the privilege to censor myself!\" Moore says. \"Suddenly, you\'re in Kafka-land.\"

It\'s also a tale of how an intransigent author, a host of angry e-mail-writing librarians and a nascent outcry within the publishing world itself turned the contretemps into a 1st Amendment triumph - and the book itself into a best seller . . .

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