Staffing shortages close library

The Savannah
Morning News
has a Story on the lack of
libarians in a new library. The article does not say
what caused the shortage. Because of staffing shortages, the
library originally opened at just eight hours a week and
that was increased as new people were hired.Is this good news for those
currently working on their MLS?In January the hours doubled to 16 hours a week. By February
the hours were bumped up to 20 per week and March 14 they
were increased a third time to 40 hours a week -- a big
increase, but still 30 hours short of their 70-hour-a-week
\"Now we\'re only 10 hours away,\" said library spokeswoman
Margaret Williams. \"That\'s why this opening is grand.\"
Frequent library user Sara Barto said she\'s had trouble
keeping up with the many changes in the library schedule,
but she\'ll be happy to adjust to the latest changes.
\"I think it\'s marvelous,\" Barto said. \"I think they\'re
taking some steps in the right direction.

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