Cyborgs and Semantic Interoperability


Thomas J. Hennen Jr. writes \"This is (partly) satire.

In the February 2000 issue of Wired Magazine is the article \"Cyborg 1.0\" It is subtitled: \"Kevin Warwick outlines his plan to become one with his computer.\" Warwick, what a great irony, for catalogers, no? Warwick, a research in Great Britain, not a Framework or \"container.\" decribes his experiment to implant a chip in his arm and an attempt to record his emotions and then play them back to his nervous system, eventually, he hopes, over the web! He fears heights, so he will climb a cliff, record the emotion and play it back to his nervous system over the net. Spooky, no? See: for the full story.

Readers may be familiar with the attempts by library folk to catalog the net using the Dublin Core and the Warwick Framework. (References below). These catalogers worry that the net is being indexed by search engines that can\'t possibly keep up with fast growing and chaotic web resources. They seek semantic interoperability - tell me that\'s not an eight bit concept! They worry that on the web there is no controlled vocabulary such as one finds in cataloging rules.

The word means one thing to an engineer, quite another thing to a orthodontist, still another to a card player. Search engines will never catch the nuances without the help of catalogers for the web. Enter the Dublin Core, the OCLC CORC project and the Warwick framework, to try to catch, rather than reap, the whirlwind.

Therefore, even though we haven\'t even BEGUN to properly catalog the web that we already have, we must now, it appears, turn to emotions! My question is: where does one turn in Sears List of Subject Headings or the Dewey Decimal system for some of the following emotions. ( am sure Publibbers will think of many more.)

Emotion 1: That sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize, just as you slam the door, that the keys are still in the car.

Emotion 2: That raw, I wish it were the weekend thought, when the patron slams the books down on the desk and shouts \"I am a taxpayer, and...\"

Emotion 3: That helpless feeling when your teenage daughter asks if you would be more bothered by a tongue piercing or a tatoo...

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