Read The Fine Print

Lee Hadden writes \" Chemical Engineering and News has an interesting account in their
\"Newscripts\" column in the back of the journal. The issue for January 14,
2002, on page 48, has the item \"Free Car Carries Surprising Baggage.\"
The author of a popular text, \"Rapid Interpretation of EKG\'s,\" wrote
in the 50th printing an insert among the copyright legalese boilerplate. In
this insert, he offers a free car shown on page 46 to the people who send
their name and address to the publisher, and who\'s name is pulled out of a
Only 5 people responded out of the 60,000 copies sold, and Jeffrey
Seiden won the prize- a shiny red 1965 Ford Thunderbird, with only 16,000
miles on it, worth $20,000.00.
However, it turned out that this was not a Yale University matter
although reported in the New Haven Register. Author Dale Dubin had lost his
medical license and served five years in federal prison for selling drugs
and possession of child pornography. He had been released in 1989.
If you have an account with the American Chemical Society, you can
read more about it at:


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