AFA leader still wants filters


Michigan Live has This Story on Gary Glenn and his speach for the Holland Area Family Association\'s annual spring breakfast at Hope College\'s Maas Center. The breakfast typically focuses on anti-pornography issues.

\"There is no doubt in my mind there will be filters on the computers at Herrick District Library and every other library in the state,\" Glenn, president of the American Family Association of Michigan, told a Holland audience Saturday.\"Glenn also was a leading force behind an unsuccessful ballot initiative that would have forced the library to install filters or lose more than $1.2 million in city funding.

Voters rejected the ballot by a 55 percent margin.
He encouraged members of the local group to keep pressuring the library board for filters. After last month\'s vote, Glenn warned that filter supporters could circulate petitions to put the issue back on the ballot if the board didn\'t take adequate steps to protect children from pornography.

Library officials claim existing library policies already do a good job in keeping patrons from accessing pornography.
\"All setbacks are temporary if we learn, improve and move on,\" Glenn said Saturday. \"The only shame is standing aside, when it is our

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