Libraries Make Do With Lack of New Funds

Salt Lake City Tribune
is reporting that the declined to
set aside $1 million for state college and university
libraries, so some colleges are in a pinch for funds.

\"The schools had hoped the Legislature would earmark
funds to bolster their holdings and keep pace with journal
costs, following up on $1 million it provided for that
purpose last year. The money was to be divided among the
state\'s nine public institutions. But this year\'s request
was ignored.
    And now schools are grappling with the loss of
anticipated funding.

Salt Lake Community College will make fewer book and other
media purchases next year, said Cathleen Partridge, director
of learning resources.
    It lost $71,700, or 26 percent, of its total acquisition
    The reduction in funds exacerbates an already difficult
situation, given that SLCC\'s library budget has remained
static at $111,000 for the past five years while media costs
have increased steadily. <
    \"We\'re losing ground,\" Partridge said.
    SLCC\'s library holdings already are far below standards
set for community colleges by the Association of College and
Research Libraries. Given its student enrollment, SLCC\'s
library should have 125,000 volumes; it has 77,649,
Partridge said.

    It is a different story, though, at Dixie College,
which should have received $20,300.
    \"It didn\'t end up being a cut for us because last year
the money never came to the library,\" said Allyson Washburn,
Dixie College library director. \"The president used it for
something else\"

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