High Point Library cashing in on overdue books


Owed an estimated $160,700 in books and fines, this library intends to collect. Read this story from the Greensboro News & Record.

The well-worn library copy of \"War and Peace\" shoved underneath the bed with the dust bunnies could cost you some percentage points on your next loan.

Nearly one year after the High Point Public Library turned its truant members over to a professional collection agency, more than 2,200 people have faced paying the fines or putting a seven-year blemish on their credit reports, according to the library\'s latest report released at its monthly Board of Trustees meeting Wednesday.

As of February, the library has received more than $16,360 in fines and nearly $26,000 worth of returned materials. They have paid Unique Management Services, the collection agency, about $15,400 since hiring the agency in April 1999. Library director Kem Ellis said although the agency is costing nearly as much money as it brings in so far, he\'s still fairly pleased with the results.

\"It\'s the value of the books and materials we get back, that\'s something we don\'t have to go out and buy again,\" Ellis told members of the library board on Wednesday.

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