Library trustees express interest in filtering Internet Terminals


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A Greenville County Library board with six new members aboard opened the possibility of filtering the Internet Wednesday by sending the controversial issue for a committee revamp.

\"I think site-oriented filtering might be the answer,\" said operations committee chairman Doug Churdar, a new member who said he will try to craft an Internet policy for board consideration within two months. Site filtering is a method of policing in which a filter blocks entire Web sites based on content rather than certain key words. Simultaneously, board chairman David Suddeth also expressed a desire to getpornography out of the library.

Although any change in moving from the library\'s wide-open Internet policy to a filtered system will inevitably be seen as a result of County Council\'s recent housecleaning that sent four incumbents packing, Suddeth said it\'s more
complicated than that.

His old board, he said, only learned in January about 32 Internet-related incidents ranging from a violation of sign-up procedures to a patron who allegedly touched girls inappropriately. Suddeth blamed the delay on a \"lack of
communication between the board and senior management.\"

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