Trouble sleeping? Maybe it's your iPad

from <a href="">CNN:</a> <blockquote>Unlike paper books or e-book readers like the Amazon Kindle, which does not emit its own light, the iPad's screen shines light directly into the reader's eyes from a relatively close distance. That makes the iPad and laptops more likely to disrupt sleep patterns than, say, a television sitting across the bedroom or a lamp that illuminates a paper book, both of which shoot far less light straight into the eye, researchers said.</blockquote> ...Although you should read the rest because some people don't agree...


beds are for sleeping and fucking, just like desks are for working and fucking, and kitchens are for cooking and fucking, and cars are for driving and...

aww, crap.
oops, that's for fucking, too, but i think that's a 400-level advanced class

Fairly obvious information isn't it?
When I've fallen asleep with the tv on my eyes are knackered the next morning.

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