A better filter?


DigitalMass has a very interesting acticle on filtering. They focus on filtering for the workplace, but this technology could easily be applied to a library. This technology would apparently give the librarians more control over what is blocked. This may, of course, put the librarian in the position of censor, but it\'s worth a read.

\"eSniff sells a box that plugs into the company\'s network. It silently monitors all traffic and flags instances of potential problem activity, saving copies on a secured disk.\" Managers can view the exact material that employees were viewing when a problem was detected. eSniff\'s patent-pending software performs linguistic and mathematical analysis of network traffic and flags management concerns in areas such as racism,porn, trading, resignation, acquisition, confidential material, shopping, and sports. eSniff monitors not just Web usage, but also intrnet traffic, email, chat, ftp, telnet, print jobs, and proprietary protocols.

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