He will make at least $450,000

This weeks Time Magazine cover story is about E-Books, and how Stephen King has really changed things. King has some very interesting things to say on the subject, not the least of which is he expects to make $450,000 on the E-Book.
Check out Time.com for the entire story.

\"\"There\'s a lot of plumage here, but I wonder if the beast underneath isn\'t still pretty scrawny,\" he says, pointing out that the Net is still too slow and hard for many people to use.\"King, a Macintosh user, couldn\'t download his book, which came out only in PC-readable formats

\"This is a good illustrative example of all the potential that so-called e-commerce has, and then the reality of the situation,\" he says. \"In point of fact, what e-commerce has been selling for the past five years, the whole dotcom thing, is about potential. It\'s all about the sizzle, and none of it\'s about the steak. And for somebody like me, who is used to producing on deadline, it drives me crazy.\"

Time also has an interesting aside:BE A WRITER: Learn how to publish books yourself www.time.com/time/everyone/writer

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