Library employees file lawsuit


2 Librarians in Las Vegas have filed suit saying they were treated unfairly after they complained of a co-worker and his pornography. He was looking at porn on computers, and employees endured harassing comments and when new issues of playboy came in. There is a short story here on MSNBC

\"Executive Director Daniel Walter told News 3, “it is absolutely against library policy to download pornography. A violation of that policy is subject to discipline. We have a no-tolerance policy for harassment.”

DO they get Playboy at that library?Library employee, Deborah Jackson said, “he was not only using pornography on my computer, but the other peoples computers as well.”
The women say silence at the library seemed to be a rule. In fact, when the women complained about the co-worker, Jackson said, “They said we’ll talk to him, we’ll talk to him that was all that was said.”

Jackson also said they took jobs away from her. Fellow employee, Emma Hobbes said she was passed over for promotion seven times.
The women say the damage is done and working at this library is difficult.
The library district said they have no comment regarding the lawsuit.

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