Tax-time help overdue

The Detroit Free Press has an interesting story on the crushing burden that tax time puts on some librarians.

\"Sally Arrivee, head reference librarian, calls it her \"hundred days of hell.\" And she\'s sick of it.\"Since the IRS closed many of its offices in the early 1990s and began switching to fax-on-demand forms and e-filing, the state\'s public libraries say they bear the brunt of distributing forms and providing face-to-face contact for frazzled taxpayers.

And although librarians are equipped with bright red buttons that blare \"No Tax Advice,\" they say they have become de facto agents for the state Department of Treasury rather than guides to children\'s books or masters at inter-library loans.

Refusing to take it anymore, the Otsego County Library in the northern Lower Peninsula did not order its usual 15 boxes of tax forms this year, and instead is offering a standard form that can be copied. Other libraries say they may follow suit if they don\'t get some relief -- or at least some appreciation.

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