Comment on the DMCA


The deadline for filing reply comments in this rulemaking
has been extended to Friday, March 31. Reply comments must
be received in the Office of the General Counsel of the
Copyright Office no later than 5:00 p.m. on March 31,

The Digital Millennium Copyright Act, Public Law
105-304 (1998), added a new Chapter 12 to title 17 United
States Code, which among other things prohibits
circumvention of access control technologies employed by
copyright owners to protect their works.

1. If by
electronic mail: Send to [email protected] a message
containing the name of the person making the submission, his
or her title and organization (if the submission is on
behalf of an organization), mailing address, telephone
number, telefax number (if any) and e-mail address. The
message should also identify the document clearly as either
a comment or reply comment. The document itself must be sent
as a MIME attachment, and must be in a single file in
either: (1) Adobe Portable Document File (PDF) format
(preferred); (2) Microsoft Word Version 7.0 or earlier; (3)
WordPerfect 7 or earlier; (4) ASCII text file format; or (5)
Rich Text Format.The Office prefers that comments be submitted in electronic
form. For updated information on requirements for electronic
and hard-copy filing, please see the Federal Register Notice
Extending Deadlines for Initial and Reply Comments.  Several
persons have attempted to submit comments in the text of
e-mail messages. The Office cannot accept such comments; the
comments must be sent as attachments to e-mail messages or
on diskettes as described in the Federal Register notice. In
addition to the acceptable formats described in the Federal
Register notice, the Office will accept comments in RTF and

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