Tea-riffic fundraiser

out of NJ shows that fundraising opportunites
present themselves at any time. A teacher came up with an
idea for a new tea, and has since been selling the tea, and
making money for the library.

\"Since launching the Teaneck Tea Collection in 1993
with the help of Harney & Sons Ltd., a New England tea
company, Ponchick has raised $2,970.24 in profits from sales
of Teaneck Tea and poured that cash right back into
Whittier\'s library. The tea is on sale at Whittier School
and at Victoria\'s Cafe on Queen Anne Road ($5 for 24
bags)To date, proceeds from Teaneck Tea have funded the purchase
of 309 books at the West Englewood Avenue school. The books
are displayed on their own shelf, each marked with a gold
sticker identifying it as a Teaneck Tea book and with a
white sticker naming the student in her class who chose the

The humble venture is especially important now. In a year
when the Teaneck school district is facing rising mandated
costs and a significant tax increase, Ponchick\'s venture has
emerged as a steady revenue source for Whittier\'s library.
\"I think it\'s a wonderful thing that she\'s doing,\" says
Frank Allen, acting principal at Whittier. \"It\'s fabulous. I
have a tremendous amount of admiration for her.\"
Ponchick, who has taught in the school district for 33
years, says this is her way of giving something back

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