What Web Would You Pay For?


So I keep reading News On Yahoo!, Mostly Bad News.

I Put that together with Paid Search Results, Calls for the End of the \"free\" web, and MicroPayments, and I got thinking...

What happens if the web crawls into a pay-per-view, micropayment, or some other kind of non-free model in the future? What if Microsoft or AOL get their way and we (we as in endusers) pay for everything. I can think of 4 sites I\'d pay for Slashdot, Metafilter, Yahoo!, and Google. Add a few maybes to that list, Wired, Moreover, Camworld,and CNET. But I think my list is Atypical for a librarian.

So what sites would you pay for if you had to pay for the privilege of viewing? What sites are so useful you wouldn\'t mind paying for? What sites can\'t you live without?And don\'t waste your time telling me the web really isn\'t free, I know that, my point is I visit many, if not all, sites without paying to view pages.

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