Stony Brooks library near bottom of national list

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ZONDORA WILSON is a graduate student in sociology at the State University at Stony Brook. But several times a month
she takes the train from Port Jefferson, where she lives, to
Manhattan, where she does her research for her PhD.
\"The kind of specialized research material I need is not at the Stony Brook library,\" she said. \"It is very frustrating, but I find what I need at the NYU library. The problem is that it\'s three hours on the train and I can\'t take the material out.\"

Wilson\'s complaint is echoed by other graduate students and a number of Stony Brook professors, who say the university
library has fallen well behind in terms of what it has on its stacks -- books, research journals, periodicals and a wide range of other materials that university officials concede they have not been acquiring because of long-running budget constraints.

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