Limestone board says Catcher can stay in libraries


\'The Catcher in the Rye\' is challenged yet again. Read this story Here From the The Huntsville Times.

In a 4-3 decision, the Limestone County Board of Education voted Monday night to allow the controversial novel \'\'The Catcher in the Rye\'\' to remain in libraries at the county\'s five high schools.

But the seven-member school board, meeting at East Limestone High School, was told a West Limestone High School parent has asked to have banned the book \'Tell Me Everything,\' also optional reading for high school students.
An Elkmont High School system committee had unanimously recommended keeping \'The Catcher in the Rye\' on library shelves, and a West Limestone High committee earlier this month voted 4-1 in favor of keeping \'Tell Me Everything,\' which is also sprinkled with profanities.

The school board is expected to decide on the latter book at its April 10 meeting. \"Catcher,\" by J.D. Salinger, tells of a youth expelled from an exclusive northern prep school just before the Christmas holidays, his escape to New York City and his nervous breakdown. Widely considered a literary
classic, the book has become one of the most challenged books in secondary school libraries across the country.

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