Bill seeks Net sex site policy at libraries


Read this story on the Van Hollen bill Here. From the Baltimore Sun.

William D. Ivins III was in the quiet room at the Wheaton Regional Library when he saw something disquieting in a nearby computer area.

Three young boys, between 10 and 12, were viewing sexually
explicit material over the Internet. One was participating in a sex chatroom. Two others were viewing pornographic pictures.Ivins, 26, said he complained to a librarian, but was told there was nothing she could do. So yesterday the University of Maryland, College Park student brought his story to a Senate committee, where he testified in favor of Sen. Christopher Van Hollen Jr.\'s bill torequire local library systems to develop policies to prevent children from being exposed to Internet pornography.

\"I hope his bill gives the librarian the power to go over and pull the plug or say, `You cannot view that material here,\' \" Ivins said.

Ivins was one of several witnesses who called on the Senate
Environmental and Economic Affairs Committee to approve the VanHollen bill, which has received broad bipartisan support.

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