Integration of e-books into the library

InfoToday has a very interesting piece on an agreement between Innovative Interfaces and NetLibrary that will develop enhancements to its Innopac and Millennium library automation systems to help manage the acquisition of netLibrary’s e-books into library collections.
They say this will alloe tighter integration of e-books into the online catalogs of Innopac and Millennium.Very cool stuff, if they pull it off.\"This development is an important step toward the integration of e-books into the library automation environment. The newly forged alliance between Innovative Interfaces, Inc. and netLibrary represents what I think is just the beginning of the kind of cooperation that must take place among library automation vendors and content providers to help libraries face the phenomenon of an increasing array of electronic media. Libraries are still adjusting to the rapid growth of electronic journals. Now the same challenges face us as books also undergo the transformation to electronic form. \"

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