Filters on in TX


The Houston Chronicle reports that the library in Montogomery County went against advice from the library advisory board, librarian and county attorney, and installed filters. Now that\'s a committment to censorship!

\"If we make an error, we need to make it on the side of the children,\" said County Judge Alan Sadler.

\"If a lawsuit is filed, we are going to come out on the short end of the stick\" said County Attorney Frank Bass on any challenges that will come up over the filters. \"I think that this commission is committed to filtering the Internet,\" County Judge Alan Sadler said after hearing speakers for and against the filters, which commissioners believe will keep children from viewing Internet pornography.

\"If we make an error, we need to make it on the side of the children,\" he said to applause from backers of the Internet restrictions, headed by members of Adults Helping Our Children, or ADHOC. ADHOC members at Commissioners Court were from the Republican Leadership Council Inc. and the Christian Coalition.

Sadler\'s comments came after Sharon Walters, co-chair of the Montgomery County Library Advisory Board, read a resolution adopted by the board Friday opposing the Internet filters.

The advisory board resolution said the board already had established a policy prohibiting the use of the Internet by minors without written permission by parents, who have been issued the publications \"Child Safety on the Information Highway\" and \"My Rules for On-Line Safety.\"

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