Private detectives hunt for late library books

Private detectives hunt for late library books: Norfolk County Council (That's in England) admitted it had spent £82,358 in the past three years using private detectives.

Much of the money was used to hunt debtors and the council confessed it had used detectives to look online for people who owed them cash but had moved away.


Why not? A phone company would chase someone for a $200 bill. If a library patron has borrowed 10 or so DVDs or audio books they probably have a debt of around $500. People should not simply be able to walk away from a debt like this.

Another annoying story that ignores basic facts.
Noone says having store detectives is stupid and a waste of money for example.

Hopefully they track down these people and ban them from visiting libraries again ;)

Look on the ubiquitous cameras and follow them to their new home.

You would think librarians would be able to find people online themsleves, with all that training they recieve.

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