Books for Iraq

Send books, help build a library and democracy
So here's what to do. Have a look at the university's Web site. Get some decent volumes together, pass the word to your friends and co-workers to do the same, and send them off to:

Nathan Musselman
The American University of Iraq—Sulaimani
Building No. 7, Street 10
Quarter 410
Ablakh Area
Sulaimani, Iraq
(+964) (0)770-461-5099


I'm sorry, but on March 12 it was announced that Iraq had a surplus of $45 BILLION dollars from oil revenue. With that amount of money, they can buy the books they need.
Save your charity of books and dollars for the nations in Africa and SE Asia that have no funds and need your help.
The Iraqis are neither helpless nor poor. They simply don't need to pay their own money for what they need, when we're willing to buy what they want with our money instead.
They should build/re-build their own country with their own funds, and not depend on American baksheesh.

R. Lee Hadden (These are my own opinions!)