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It's been a while since I pointed to LISWire.com - The Librarian's News Wire. You can grab the main LISWire RSS Feed Here. You can subscribe to one of our mailing lists and check out all the other feed options Right Here.

Here are the latest releases posted. If you spot anything interesting in your travels, let us know!

Registration fee waived for librarians attending Atlanta Book Show
--- http://liswire.com/node/104/

Code4Lib Journal, Issue 3 published
--- http://liswire.com/node/103/

LexisNexis® Introduces New Content, Functionality to Intellectual Property Solutions
--- http://liswire.com/node/102/

Houston Public Library Goes Live with Evergreen
--- http://liswire.com/node/101/

Free Travel Writing Contest Sponsored by Smart Poodle Publishing
--- http://liswire.com/node/100/

The Survey of Academic Libraries, 2008-09 Edition is out Now
--- http://liswire.com/node/99/

Elsevier Foundation Seeks Grant Proposals for Innovative Libraries and New Scholars
--- http://liswire.com/node/98/

U of C funds Open Access Authors Fund
--- http://liswire.com/node/97/

Publishers Implement New Tracking Service for Authors
--- http://liswire.com/node/96/

Marshall Public Library Selects Evergreen and Equinox
--- http://liswire.com/node/95/

IMLS Laura Bush 21st Century Library Program Funding Announcement for 2008
--- http://liswire.com/node/94/
--- Release posted by Blake on June 22nd 2008 08:28

Chilling Tales of the Great White North
--- http://liswire.com/node/93/

FictionDB Opens Its Site to Book Lovers Everywhere
--- http://liswire.com/node/91/

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