Chicago PL "unveils high-tech library upgrades"

According to an article in today's "Chicago Sun-Times":

"Library patrons can now renew and reserve books from their home computers and download audio books and digital music, thanks to an $11 million technology expansion almost entirely paid for by largesse generated by the Chicago Skyway lease.",library062408.article

Am I missing something? Is this for real? I honestly thought I was accidentally reading an article from 2002.



Totally real. One of the

Totally real. One of the major responsibilities of reference librarians to date (and ONLY ref librarians were allowed to--go figure) at the branches was to put books on hold for patrons. I spent hours with a couple of patrons who had LISTS of books they wanted put on hold. 10 at a time, we'd whittle down lists.

I was baffled by how far behind CPL was technologically. Glad to see things are finally starting to catch up.