Who else got "Colleen" drawn in their Unshelved book?

at least, I think it's Colleen. it's sort of a cloud or lake landscape with the twin setting suns of Tatooine... no, wait, it's Colleen.

Did anyone else order Frequently Asked Questions to get the bonus drawing and autographs (it looks like a "G-something" and "B-something-with-a-dot")?

Just wondering if Bill varied what he drew and what the distribution might be and how rare each drawing is and how collectible and which mylar bag should I use and how much will it be worth in five years and does anyone ever read my blog?

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As a rule each book has a character and catchphrase that I scribble in it when signing. That way we don't have to think about it, which is good when we're signing hundreds and hundreds of books. For FAQ it was Colleen and the catchphrase was "Don't ask us!". But anyone who asked for something specific got it.

Some cartoonists offer "artist editions" of their books for an additional dollar amount, with real took-some-time drawings. I don't pretend that this is what we're giving you for being nice enough to preorder. But then we didn't charge you for it either :-)

I've bought each Unshelved book from the site and in the past have requested someone in particular so I'm on my way to the whole cast now :)

But I also like the Artists Editions done by people such as Dave Kellett where you have a full sketch in there. Paying extra is totally acceptable to me. Great value for money anyway and you've got it from the artist/writers direct which adds something over just buying it from Amazon or picking it up in Borders.
I've had Starslip Crisis, Girls with Slingshots, Sheldon, Unshelved and PhD all signed/sketched in.

I'm happy that the artists/writers have a close enough connection to their audience to be able to do either!

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