The Associated Press still sucks, but so do we.

Usually I make a bad joke, or several, about an issue and then forget about it. But I found my way back to this issue through Angel Rivera and I have some extra thoughts.

Some bloggers want you to boycott the Associate Press because the AP want to limit fair use. They want to guarantee that they get some financial compensation from our using their property. Whether it's an ad or actual money, they feel that whatever they publish, they should control, completely. And then "fair use" will get a new definition created by them which will be completely one-sided and totally unfair. So for that, the AP sucks. If you agree with that, then click the link and join the boycott.

boycott the AP?

But I feel it is also we who suck. We right-click and paste content and links without giving proper attribution. If I wrote a formal paper and didn't credit my sources, you'd call me a plagiarist. So why doesn't anyone care when bloggers omit that source credit? If you intend to have your opinions taken seriously, you should be expected to cite your sources.

If news sources want me to give them credit, then they should consider adding MLA and APA formatted citations to their stories like paid databases provide. Then we lazy bloggers could copy and paste that info to add to our posts.

As I commented on Angel's page, I'm not boycotting the AP, I'm just ignoring their claims, for now. But I do expect that some time in the future we will start citing sources in our blog posts in footnotes and not just linking to stories. For "fair use" to be truly fair, we bloggers should be required to do a little more work.

Yes, the AP still sucks, but we're librarians, and we should know better.

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I agree (tho need to improve own practice) that bloggers should do a better job of citation. Usually I'll provide a link to the full article and sometimes provide a source.
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