No Ordinary Personage, This Librarian

Most prison librarians are hardworking and dedicated, but not many have received what Sue Wilkinson, librarian at Winson Green Prison in Birmingham UK, just received; the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire, or MBE, a British order of chivalry established by King George V in 1917.

According to the Evesham Journal, the recipient is quite pleased particularly since 2008 is the National Year of Reading in Britain.


Congrats to Sue - recognition is something

The National Year of Reading wants to spread the good practice that goes on in prison reading projects with other prison projects, other library organisations and the reading sector in general. If you have a case study or would like to share your good practice you can share with hundreds of other reading professionals at Wikireadia, which is at

Would love it if you checked it out and passed on to anyone with a big interest in reading,

all the best,

Wyl, information manager for the 2008 national year of reading

I'm not sure what happened to the rest of my sentence about recognition above, but what I meant to add was congrats to Sue - it's great to see this sort of work being recognised, and anything we can do in the Year of Reading to get more recognition for people like Sue and their projects will be a big success.

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