the iPod throws us back to 1970!

so I'm griping about how I never get to use my mp3 player because I don't ever sit around with nothing to do. when I had a walkman 30 years ago, I walked, so I had lots of time to listen.

so I mention this and someone says, "use one earbud and then you can listen and do other stuff at the same time."

what???? so people actually listen to one channel of a stereo recording? this is worse than that Radio Shack AM radio with the single earpiece that your dad used to borrow to listen to the Mets games and got funk all over from his filthy ears. I see people all the time with the one earbud, and they look content, like they enjoy not hearing the bass or not hearing the lead guitar because that sound is coming out of the other earbud that's dangling down below. Unless you're in the Secret Service, stick both earbuds in your coconut, please.

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It could be, of course, that the people you see are listening to audiobooks or podcasts. I hear tell that libraries offer both.

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