How to Annoy a Public Librarian

<a href="">A funny anedote</a> from a SoCal librarian/blogger: 1) If the computer you're working at has icons, delete them all as soon as you finish your session. 2) Randomly shuffle books around in the non-fiction section. 3) Don't watch your children. 4) Remind them that you pay their salary. 5) Hide the newspaper.


As soon as I hear the line "I pay your salary," or something similar thereto, I completely and totally shut down. I couldn't give a good goddamn about their problem, their issue, or their patronage.

I pay taxes too, which means I pay my own salary. Does that mean I'm self-employed? Can I give myself a raise? How's about a promotion? You paid the cop's salary too, why don't you go tell one of them to eff off and see what happens?

Simple fact that applies everywhere: Just because you pay my salary, doesn't make you my boss. My immediate supervisor's signature is not on my paycheque and neither is his supervisor's or his supervisor's.

Some books contain the machinery required to create and sustain universes. Tycho (Jerry Holkins) @ Penny Arcade

when I hear the "I pay your salary" line, I immediately calculate how much I make an hour and how much of your taxes goes to libraries.

that has the same effect on me as on GWD, whereby I turn off Mr.'re taxes are done paying my salary... see you next year.

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