Libraries switch off wi-fi internet

Libraries switch off wi-fi internet: Four libraries in Paris, France, have turned off their wi-fi internet connections after staff claimed they were causing health problems.

The latest to shut down its wireless network is the wireless Sainte-Genevieve university library in the 5th arrondissement after a member of staff threatened to take early retirement on health grounds.

The library has had wi-fi installed since the end of 2007. All computer users will now have to plug their laptops into the conventional fixed-line network.


for that link. I have been trying to find out more information about the possible health effects of wifi and I'm glad to see it is not the "evil boogeyman" some people are making it out to be.

"Everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds"

-Candide by Voltaire

Yikes! I read the note posted by Birdie from the World Health Organization. I find it interesting that the correlation complained of by patients was not found by researchers.

WiFi runs in the 2.4 gigahertz band. In the United States we have "microwave oven" devices operating there too. What's the difference? The biggest difference is the power level. While I cannot remember where I put my absorption rate charts I can say that your normal WiFi transceiver in a computer let alone a router does not come anywhere close to what is necessary for the heating of tissue to start.

I see these stories and am concerned. Such is a basic lack of knowledge of the physics of the world around us. While physiological effects could conceivably happen you'd have to have a WiFi transceiver modified to crank out a kilowatt in transmit power measured in peak envelope form. If such a beast existed there would be FCC engineers breaking down the door due to such being illegal anyhow...

Stephen Kellat, Host, LISTen

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