Would You Miss LISNews if it Vanished?

John Moore at Brand Autopsy Asked about Businessweek, now I'm curious about LISNews.

Does LISNews provide such a unique "publication" and reader experience that we would be saddened if it didn’t exist? Does LISNews forge such unfailing emotional connections with its readers that they would fail to find another website that could forge just as strong an emotional bond?

What do you want and expect from LISNews?
What makes (or could make) our website essential?

And no, I'm not thinking of letting it vanish, ever. Just curious what you think.


It would be good to see more content that went beyond the United States. What about Canada? The United Kingdom? Australia? Sure, I find America interesting but there's more to the world than it.

If people see ideas for stories please submit them. Especially for the non-US stories, if people make suggestions we can get more of those resources on the radar.

Story submissions are great aids in this. I do go trolling for stories myself from a non-US perspective but my primary focus is getting the podcast together. You can always submit stories for consideration by going to http://lisnews.org/node/add/story-suggestion and I encourage such.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISTen

Yes you will be missed,
I find content on your blog that I don't find in other library blogs.

Yes, I'd miss you very much. You are the one place I go to get all the library news, not just that that interests and concerns me. I read plenty of weblogs dealing with specific areas of our profession but you, LibVibe and Library Journal fill in the gaps. LISNews is the most timely and comprehensive of the three.

I hope you are just fishing for comments and not really considering closing-up. I'd miss you.

Yes ... LISNews covers a broad range of topics. It's easier to get in one place than to fill up my mail with RSS feeds.

I teach in the Library Science field and have this site listed as my homepage. It helps me stay on top of things happening in the library world at a glance. Also, I send my students weekly to articles and bits posted here!

So please don't go anywhere.


Thanks all, nice to hear this kind of feedback. I sure would miss LISNews if I couldn't contribute a couple of stories every week.

nobody makes any demands; you submit stuff that seems interesting; you comment if you want; you blog if you want; there are some locals you can harass; it's kind of like a local pub... yeah, I'd miss it.

I think this is the first instance I have seen of LISNews being referred to as a social network.

Not that I am disputing that, though.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISTen


Of course it would be missed. I find important content here that does not appear anywhere else.

While I do agree with "More Non-US Content", that I would be interested in seeing a broader scope of coverage, I would miss LISNews terribly should it happen to vanish.
I am currently an LIS student, and have found your site valuable both to my studies, my work, and my understanding of the profession in general. I mainly follow via twitter, and have come look forward to the new message pop-ups.

I would miss LISNews more that I am able to imagine. And I´d love to se more Non-US content. (Memo to selv: Contribute european LIS-news to LISNews...) I´ll try to spread the word:-)

If you want to be an occasional correspondent for the podcast, go to the contact form at http://www.lisnews.org/contact, select under category "Contacting LISNews Podcast", then drop a note. Such sends a note to the entire production team. We're more than happy to have folks from outside the US contribute to the podcast and I have tried to have such happen.
Stephen Kellat, Host, LISTen

And an important source for my library-related news. So, I'd definitely miss it!

I haven't had time to be as involved with LISNews since I finally got a full time job and had a baby. I still read the stories every day though and I make an effort to post stories if I come across something that doesn't get posted (pretty rare)! But I feel a little like I'm freeloading now since I used to be much more a 'part' of the community.

Anyhow, I guess I'm saying I would DEFINITELY miss LISNews if it wasn't around!

Daily read for me! -- LISNews is just a fantastic way to keep an ear on the pulse of LISdom. Several hundred pats on the back to make up for any collective oversight in the past :-)

Getting news thru Google Reader or whatever just wouldn't be the same ...

Of course I'd miss you! Where else would I get the majority of my library news updates?

Filling a huge niche for me!

I have an RSS subscription to LISNews, check it for new content throughout the day, right next to Boing Boing. I also download and listen to the LISten podcast (along w/ LibVibe). LIS News would be sorely missed if it went away.

I read this LISNews every day.

First site I check in my library day (after my e-mail).

Much missing would be had.

I need it to keep up-to-date. Reading my LISNews digest is one of my first tasks for the day.

Thanks for all the great comments, this makes me feel like we do something very useful here!

Plus, I crib articles leads for a library news of the weird-ish column in our monthly staff intraweb newsletter. Please don't go away. I'd have to resort to govdoc-l or something less hip for my cherry-picking.

I would miss lisnews. I don't enjoy reading sources such as library journal, and I enjoy the diversity (international news, diverse subject matter, diverse opinions from u.s. librarians) lisnews provides.

I joined lisnews when I worked for a library, but I stayed signed on after I left the job. I often forward your links to people still in the library, but I enjoy reading the stories even though I've gone on to other employment. You do a great job...perhaps that isn't said enough.

Sorry, Blake, I was out of town...but yes, I'd miss LISNews. (As you know, I don't think of it as a blog--and I don't use the RSS feed. I think of it as a portal, one well worth checking at least once a day.)

It's a good source for a broad range of stories, and not infrequently a fascinating set of comments...I do believe it's unique within the library field, and would be sorely missed (and probably recreated in some inferior form) if it disappeared.

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