ACLU files suit in Poplar Bluff 'Harry Potter' librarian case

ACLU files suit in Poplar Bluff 'Harry Potter' librarian case: The American Civil Liberties Union of Eastern Missouri announced today via news release that it has filed a suit on behalf of a part-time librarian in Poplar Bluff, Mo., who was disciplined after she objected to participating in the promotion of a "Harry Potter" book.

The employee had religious objections to the promotion, "which she believed encouraged children to worship the occult," according to the news release.


When crazy people slag the ACLU for, they think, ruining America and enforcing gay sex acts on all of us they never remember they times they (ACLU) intervenes on behalf of gun owners, Christian Scientists, observant sects of many religions.

What if the woman was Muslim? The library would not force her to dress as a witch. That would seem like a major law suit to them. It seems like Americans are disreguarded for their beliefs but foreignors are not. It is time for Americans to take a stand and remind others that we cannot be walked on!!

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