Blog Angels protect my blog: who's protecting yours?

I have good news for visitors of the.effing.librarian: I've recently contracted with Blog Angels.

Blog Angels provides blog guard services for major corporations around the world. Many web sites are continually and constantly monitored by corporate staff, but small blogs like mine are often left unoccupied for hours at a time (Blake assures me that this is not the case with LISNews as he hires day-laborers of questionable legal status to monitor and guard this site). But I can't be everywhere at once; I need to eat and work and poop. Okay, yes I do all those things at my desk, but you know what I mean.

So who is there to guard your blog when you are away? Who's going to keep out the riff-raff? Have you ever seen a blog that's been overtaken by hoodlums and thugs? I've seen plenty of blogs, innocent oases for vacation photos, kitties wearing feather boas, breastfeeding tips, and diet diaries suddenly get tagged with graffitos, their banners pulled down, posts disassembled, and feeds choked without that watchful eye or sturdy boot around to keep order.

And that's where Blog Angels comes in. The brainchild of Tina V., a former Guardian Angel® and Ray O., a third-degree black belt and former Green Beret, Blog Angels watches over my blog to keep you safe. Intellectual property is no joke, and neither is your security. Blog Angels guarantees to keep the peace. With Blog Angels on the job, know that your comments are safe from vandalism and your visits are as uneventful at night as they would be in daylight. Anytime, 24/7/365 that you visit the.effing.librarian, you'll be safe from muggings, car jackings, terrorist dirty bombs, and litterbugs.

When you see the "winged sword stabbing a computer"™ logo, you know that everything is well. With Blog Angels on the job.

If you don't blog every day or if you're worried about what happens to your blog when you can't be there, then try Blog Angels: a little piece of mind for your little piece of the Net.

Mention the.effing.librarian and get the first month free.

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hi.... i try to open blog angels, but it can`t be opened. what is the exactly url address?


99% of everything I post is 100% true, but in this case, I made it up. there are no blog angels to protect your blog. but the address is correct. you may continue to try it until it works, but I suspect that when it does, it will be porn. which isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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