Librarian Idol in the news again

Many of you no doubt already know Andrew Finegan of Librarian Idol fame. I can however say “I knew him before he was famous” or words to that effect. So while I wouldn’t usually be spruiking the competition (librarians who want to be comedians aren’t exactly highly called for) none the less I loved this piece in The Age about his Melbourne shows. While it is ostensibly about his cabaret style performance, as someone who has recently moved out of the Public Library system (but still feels passionately about its raison d'etre) his quotes really ring true and it is very nice to know that Andrew has managed to present these thoughts to a wider audience. "There's a big difference between academia and the real world. In theory, you're the repository of all this important professional knowledge, and a major aspect of librarianship is information literacy. Then you get into a library and realise that people just want to argue about their fines and internet access." "Also, libraries attract a lot of people who can't read. It's actually a credit to public libraries that even the homeless and loonies feel comfortable. They aren't moved on but it makes you question your existence sometimes." <A HREF="">Read the whole piece</A>.


Trying to show people you're cool is a giant, multi-colored sign that says "I'm Not Cool."

Cool can be defined as the absence of effort. Someone cool told me that. The Aussie's attempts at enhipening our profession are desperate and pathetic and probably have more to do with flogging his performing career.

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