Doctorow's Little Brother

Cory Doctorow (or his publisher) has made parts of his new novel <i>Little brother</i> available as audio -- DRM-free mind you. From <a href="">BoingBoing</a>:<blockquote>"The audiobook comes with my own sampling license: once you own it, you're free to take up to 30 minutes' worth of material from it and remix and then redistribute it as much as you like, provided that you do so on a noncommercial basis, make sure that it's clear that this is a remix and not the original, and make sure that you tell people where to find the original. This is in addition to all the fair use remixing that you're allowed to do without my permission (of course!)."</blockquote>There is also an embeddable widget which lets you port the audio sample into your own blog.


The audiobook is not free - it is for sale. This is a little confusing in the article. However the version that you buy will be DRM-free. This means that it won't be available from Audible.

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