The Mechanics of Podcasting

Some days it is a good thing I can somehow afford VOIP service through something like Skype. Skype allows me fairly cheap rates for calling outside the United States. Considering that the per-minute rate for calling abroad with my cell phone is USD$1.49 I think I can manage paying around USD$0.20 or less per minute with Skype.

Fortunately I got up early on Tuesday morning. The time difference between the Las Vegas and London is 8 hours. Yes, I refer to the London that is home to several palaces including one that houses the United Kingdom's parliament. Calling the London found in Ontario would only result in a three hour time difference.

With a service that only went live last Friday and had not been promoted yet there was a bit of a disturbance in the Twitterforce that morning. A ruckus was raised about text lifts from LISTen as well as other US-based library science podcasts. The text concerned was found on a website operated by the British equivalent to the American Library Association, the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals.

After getting a wee bit concerned by what was brewing on Twitter, I called the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals to speak to their web manager. The web manager and I had a great chat when we talked about what his organization was intending and how I could assist them in working with our content. In more than a few respects it appears that the team's goals with LISTen match those held by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals. The goal is to create somewhat of a mirror portal to help bring other perspectives on librarianship to British librarians.

As the effort coincides with the matter that LISTen's audience is concentrated throughout the British Commonwealth, this has implications for us in producing the podcast. As much as I might wish otherwise, the podcast's listeners are found most frequently in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Great Britain. As the effort is one to help increase exposure of the podcast without drawing away traffic from us I have no problem with it. Although the beginning of the effort might appear unusual from an American perspective, it can be considered okay from others.

I applaud the British equivalent to the ALA undertaking an effort like this. Even though Computers in Libraries 2008 just ended and we learned about great undertakings in technology, where is there any sort of directory for this? This would be an excellent opportunity for the ALA and yet I have not found any action there. While there is a wiki devoted to matters like this, I would imagine that this is an area where a directory should be created that would help exemplify best practices.

I've made inquiries to radio stations here in the United States as well as beyond about syndicating the show over the air. So far, I have gotten no replies whether up or down. As this situation is effectively akin to syndication, I have no problem with it. All that remains is working out technical details so that everybody is happy on either end.

Admittedly, this is not an optimal situation. Then again, what is in this contemporary world?

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