Ellen Blogs about Librarians

"Today I’d like to talk about librarians. I don’t know how many of them watch my show. If they do, they probably watch my show while reading or working on the Dewey Decimal System. They probably don’t watch much TV at all. They just wait for the transcripts. If they do watch the show, they probably keep the sound turned down and put their fingers up to their mouths and say, “Shhhhhhhh” every time the audience laughs." From <a href="http://ellen.warnerbros.com/2008/03/my_thoughtand_i_do_have_one_82.php">My Thought...And I Do Have One</a>.


It was all I could do to stop myself from copying and pasting the entire thing in here, it really made me laugh out loud.

"Have you ever been yelled at by a librarian? It tickles"

It was funny--both her essay and the comments. These memories die hard. I heard one today from a guy in his 50s who was a work study student with harsh memories of the college librarian. Often I wish the shushers were still around. Mostly to stop the people who think the harder they hit the keyboards, the more likely they'll get a good search.

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